The abode is Workshops for High Frequency Welding Machine , founded by U.S. Navy Accomplished Hernan Luis y Prado to abetment the alteration of veterans and afflicted veterans into noncombatant action through training, mentoring and job placement. Workshops for Warriors boasts 140 graduates, 49 currently enrolled veterans and a job adjustment bulk of 100% aback 2011.

Training consists of a aggregate of classroom education, abstruse training, and applied plan acquaintance that empowers veterans and increases their career options; and that training comes at no bulk to veterans. The abode is adjourned through from accomplishment corporations, clandestine foundations, coffer donations and added clandestine donors.

In 2013, Workshops for Warriors architect Hernán Luis y Prado was accustomed by the White House as a “Champion of Change” for his organization’s all-encompassing plan and achievements to alteration advancing veterans into avant-garde accomplishment careers.

The program’s slogan, “We are rebuilding America’s avant-garde accomplishment workforce, one accomplished at a time” is a accurate description of its mission. That mission began with a retired argosy administrator alleged Hernan Luis y Prado.

Luis y Prado served four action tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and is a alum of the Navy Apparent Warfare Administrator School, breadth he completed the Arch Engineering Administrator and Action Systems Administrator curricula. Afterwards abiding to noncombatant life, Prado noticed how abounding of his assembly were declining to alteration into their own post-service existence. Compassion for his adolescent veterans prompted him to activate Annex for PVC Welding in his barn aback in 2008. The abode has aback developed into a ? acre campus.