Davison-machinery has become the expert on PVC welders and proven leader in manufacturing PVC Welding Machine . PVC is used for the manufacturing of many different products because it’s strong, flexible, and weather-resistant. Our hot air, hot wedge, and impulse welding machines are designed to successfully use in welding PVC material, no matter what your needs are.

Gas concentrations under PVC-Welding?A ventilation system for a hall for PVC welding is required, and in order to scale it, I need to know how much gas (and what: HCl, Phthalic ester, ...) is produced under PVC welding (ideally per length of weld), and what are the tolerable concentrations.

Why use PVC for welding?As a popular thermoplastic, PVC is highly suitable for welding in a number of different applications. The awning, sign, banner, tent and ducting industries all choose PVC for a variety of reasons, including:

High durability

Oil and chemical resistance

Exceptional mechanical and chemical strength

Fire resistance

If you interested to know manufacturer for high frequency welding machine also called as radio frequency welding machine.If you also like to know companies doing business in the field of soft PVC Welding for any application, like, manufacturing of raincoats, cosmetic bags, covers, etc.